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N.o More understandable time than today to feel burned out, stressed or depressed. I mean, are you kidding me? But it’s really important to understand that they are not synonymous. And it’s even more important to know the difference. Let’s see what we can learn …

Here’s the best way to understand the difference between stress and burnout: stress is too big a problem, while burnout is not enough.

It happens. Drive out of town for a few days, so you don’t have time to make a worthy post. Instead of bailing, I visited the inspire4u archives and found a relevant entry from nine years ago to clean up and find your way.

I think you will find the piece really helpful. It’s a longie, so let’s get started …

What is burnout?

The fact is that many of us are working hard and living in the midst of breathtaking stress. I suppose you can get used to it and somehow continue to pull through life.

But when feelings of helplessness, “constant struggle”, “why”, an evil attitude and physical / emotional / mental exhaustion show up, it is time to take a step back and gain a perspective. If the burnout inferno has not yet arrived, it is imminent.

And you know what? The manifestations of burnout will penetrate every corner of your life. I’m telling you what, it’s no exaggeration to say that a murderer could be released.

You are burned out, not stressed or depressed

Unfortunately, burnout is often misunderstood and incorrectly labeled: “I’m just stressed out.” “It’s just a little bit of depression.” When these words are spoken in the face of burnout signs and symptoms, it is obvious that they have been overlooked and rejected.

Here’s the best way to understand the difference between stress and burnout: stress is too big a problem, while burnout is not enough.

Millions of people put up with tons of stress. And many will do well because they can imagine that things will calm down if they get their ducks in a row. Burnout, however, is about feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and inadequacy. And it is difficult to get under her spell.

Here’s another differentiator for stress / burnout. They usually know when you are in the middle of a lot of stress. However, burnout often flies under the radar. I mean, you know something is wrong, but what? And that’s what makes burnout so dangerous.

Oh, about depression. Absolutely, the manifestations of burnout resemble the symptoms of a depressive episode. However, burnout is a unique pathology that requires its own treatment protocol.

However, I will say that someone who has been diagnosed with severe depression is more prone to burnout.

What does burnout look like?

Why am i depressed?

“Dang, why all this pain suddenly?”

I know of no better way to identify and understand a worrying phenomenon than to describe its signs and symptoms in this case.

Let’s do exactly that with burnout. I know you will find it helpful. But you can also find it a little confusing because there really are some manifestation overlaps with stress and depression.

Nevertheless, here are the most common signs and symptoms of burnout. Without perhaps creating a problem that may not exist (we can be good at it), check to see if something comes home …

  • Acute boredom, lack of motivation, delay
  • Low self-esteem and buckets full of self-doubt
  • Chronic fatigue, pain and discomfort
  • Common physical illnesses
  • Almost every task seems to be a waste of time and energy
  • Deep feeling: “Same crap, different day.”
  • Changes in appetite and / or sleep
  • Isolation and withdrawal
  • Food and drug abuse
  • Embarrassed anger
  • Missing work, school, appointments, social engagement etc.

I would add that scientists have observed changes in the physiology and anatomy associated with burnout. Activity in the frontal lobe of the brain changes, as does cortisol regulation. And the piece of cortisol is huge. As you probably know, the effects of fluctuating cortisol levels on physical health are far-reaching.

How to deal with burnout

Managing the burnout consists of two parts. Prevention is always the first task. However, when the inferno hits, you must be able to extinguish the flames. Let’s both chat …


  • Get insight into your burnout potential based on your personality traits, your personal history and your family history. In short, get to know you.
  • Implement lifestyle changes. Integrate me time into your day (especially when you get up): meditate, write a diary, engage in art, stretch or read something inspiring / motivating. Clean up your diet, exercise, sleep well, play.
  • Set limits. Learn how to say “no” to others and yourself. You need to know when enough is enough and how to express it effectively.
  • Take regular and adequate technical breaks – computers, televisions, telephones, text, email, as you call it.
  • Participate in projects / hobbies that you enjoy.
  • Do everything you can to minimize and manage stress.

In the middle

  • Again, it’s about how burnout presents itself in you. How can you expect to do something if you don’t know it’s in the front and in the middle?
  • Implement a prepared slowdown plan. Not necessarily an interruption, just reducing the intensity and scope of your activities.
  • Prepare a list of life priorities. What is really important in the immediate vicinity when you reference your list? What is not
  • Safe help and support. You don’t have to endure your burnout tendencies alone. Also, only throw fuel into the fire when you try.
  • Look in a mirror and tell yourself you have what it takes to get through the inferno and prevent it from burning again. Remember burnout is a “not enough” problem.
  • Love yourself (for a change?). You are more than worthy.

Chill and keep moving forward

Burnout has to be news on the front page during these tense times. Never forget it’s such a powerful phenomenon that can wreak havoc. And the scary thing is that it flies under the radar so often. That can only mean trouble.

But not for you, because now you know what it is – and what you have to do about it.


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