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T.Hey, these stressful life events are brutal. Getting married, having financial problems, starting a new job, meaningful others leaving your life. Oh, and moving – what I just did. Dang, the personal insights that cry out for my attention. Guess it’s time to get to work …

The volume and frequency of the screams were enough to convince me to give them my attention. And productive endeavors always depend on personal choice.

Okay, look at the picture above. Would you agree that it’s about much more than boxes – moving? I mean, sure, it’s about the stressful immediate. But it is also about what was and what will come. It’s about weaknesses and personal insights.

Two weeks later I’m in my new dig. But there is still a lot to be done – on numerous fronts.

The important, the good, the right thing – the move

To prevent this piece from turning out like a self-pitying whine session, you need to know that I really wanted to move – 350 miles, out of state, U-Haul, Solo. I promised my daughter and grandchildren that I would move to the forest within one year of my 65th birthday. And within a few days I did it – the commitment was retained.

Just because something is important, good, and right doesn’t mean there aren’t major difficulties before, during, and after – challenges. And of course it is also part of this life event.

I am convinced that we can all get a little lazy when it comes to discovering and addressing our emotional and mental eccentricities and weak points. And sometimes the crying out for attention for personal insight occurs only in the midst of a stressful life event.

So we have to strike while the iron is hot.

These 9 personal insights

I am mentally ill

“Man, those screaming personal insights really deserve my attention.”

In the weeks leading up to the move, I heard and felt the screaming of personal insight during and now. It is simply the recognition of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that make little sense and create conflict and discomfort.

The volume and frequency of the screams were enough to convince me to give them my attention. And productive endeavors always depend on personal choice.

Totally resolving each of the following problems is not necessarily the immediate goal – and I’m sure I could think of more. I keep saying it: the first step towards the ultimate solution is to identify and acknowledge problems. And we are often surprised at how much relief we experience as a result.

Okay, that screaming personal insight …

  1. A project must now be completed. It’s silly and impossible, but I thought the whole move should be completed now.
  2. When you finish a project, you don’t have time to take breaks. And it’s no big deal to work from getting up to hitting the sack. After all, the project must now be completed. Funny when I was a boy my grandmother said I did everything like I was trying to kill a snake. She was right – it still is.
  3. Disorder and disorganization cannot be tolerated. In my case, it’s a ridiculous rush because, for example, I’m not going to “destroy” the bookshelves – the ambience in the living area – by packing the books until the last minute.
  4. Change is threatening and difficult. Sure, it’s often good and necessary, but certain kinds of changes, like moving around, can get bogus.
  5. I need a reliable and comfortable home. Without one, I’m pretty lost and out.
  6. Doing what I want to do when I want to do it, including being alone, is a must at all times.
  7. If I don’t get enough or good quality sleep, it can lead to nasty anxiety and mood symptoms. There are no exceptions.
  8. If you have to complete projects now, long hours with very few breaks, it leads to overstimulation. And overstimulation does not bring me or others my best self. Still, I’ll keep working like an idiot.
  9. I have this uncanny talent for relating current stressful events to similar events in the past. And it can get sadly overwhelming. During this move, I felt the spirit of a traumatic family move several times when I was 14 years old. I fought against the feelings – but why?

Crazy stuff right? But the fact is, I really want to work through them – their accuracy and necessity in my life.

By the way, did any of them ring the bell? And it doesn’t have to be in the context of a move.

Time to move on

Yes, they are brutal, these stressful life events. But knowing that we can learn so much about ourselves as we navigate through them can provide a lot of motivation and inspiration.

Do you have personal insights that cry out for your attention? Make a decision to answer the call and do some work. I mean, you can’t just ignore them.

Believe me, they won’t get up and leave.

Hey, if you want more personal insights, reading hundreds of inspire4u titles will get you there.

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