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Regret is not a good emotion to live with. It is worth identifying the things you are doing now that may later lead to regret


# 1 Spend more than you should

Spending more than you should is usually an indication that your spending is emotional. Where this happens despite your plans, you face a serious challenge. You have to practice the best form of discipline – self-discipline !!!

On the other hand, where you spend in response to your perceived circumstances, you need to set your priorities.

# 2 Stay in the comfort zone

If you stay in your comfort zone, you have no chance of growth. Comfort is about caring for the familiar. You need challenges to discover and train your skills. The Japanese grow miniature trees by storing them in a small pot. You do that to yourself if you stay in your comfort zone. They will regret later in the years.

# 3 Don’t worry about your health

Your body is your right to stay in this physical world. You are the person with primary responsibility for taking care of your health. If you don’t care about your health, you are giving up the responsibility given by God. Charity starts at home is a common saying. Caring for your health is the basis for more expression and production from you. Regret sets in when you find that your activities may have accidentally sacrificed your health.

# 4 Give up too soon

If you give up too early, you will hardly achieve self-fulfillment. You will soon find that this attitude feeds on itself. Your comfort zone may actually decrease. You may be in an increasingly less comfortable zone. Do not give up. Do not give up !!!

# 5 Don’t chase your dreams

Dreams motivate us. Dreams drive our creativity. Old men dream. Young men see visions. Visions have to be pursued. Dreams should be passed on. If we write down our dreams, we are more likely to realize them

# 6 Not planned for the next 10 years

It has been said that non-planning actually means failure. We all have desires, expectations that develop over time and exposure. Planning sets the direction. There is clarity. Outline plans help us focus on our expected results. Science assumes that every 7 to 10 years all cells in our body have renewed. It makes sense to plan where you would be if every cell in your body had been replaced

# 7 Don’t spend time with loved ones

Ultimately, life is about people. It’s about relationships with the world of men. Time is the most valuable gift you give or receive. If the place where you spend your time doesn’t match what’s really important to you, you’ll regret it. It has been said that there are two things that cannot be restored after their publication – time and words. Ultimately, not spending time with loved ones is self-delusion as we consider other activities that motivate us to be more important.

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