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By Holly Shaw

When it comes to physical illness, the signs and symptoms are easier to spot. The warning signs of mental health problems aren’t always too obvious, however. As you age, it is important to keep an eye on overall health and wellbeing.

Early warning sign

With age, so does his memory. Although memory loss usually occurs in older adults, it should not interfere with their daily life. For some people, noticeable changes in their behavior, skills, and memory become apparent first. It is their families and friends who are noticing these primary changes.

Here are five of the first signs of mental illness in older adults:

Sudden changes in behavior

Jane Byrne, a project manager at a nursing home in Bray, says: “Changes in behavior are one of the primary signs of mental illness in the elderly. In recent years, it has been a trademark that a person should undergo psychiatric care. “

There are several causes for this condition. One cause is the painful injury that arouses a person. Another factor that triggers sudden behavior changes is the life situation, which can cause short-term withdrawals. However, in most cases, these behavioral changes have no underlying cause. For this reason, it is recommended that you discuss your concerns with a medical professional as soon as possible.

Normal patterns change

While this concern is broad, changes in a person’s normal patterns are another sign of mental health problems. It’s not easy to pinpoint as people face changes in how they handle things as they age. However, this should not be overlooked.

One way to see this change in the normal pattern is if the older adult is showing no interest in their favorite hobby. You can observe him in his self-care, emotional or physical aspects.


The third of the earliest warning signs of mental health problems to watch in the elderly is difficulty or inability to make decisions. This condition can be the cause of other existing problems such as anxiety and depression.

Making decisions is a process that involves judgment and memory. These can be compromised when a person has mental health problems.

Less social interaction

Social withdrawal is another aspect to look out for when determining any mental illness in a person. Social interaction doesn’t end when people reach their golden years. During these years children, relatives and friends live their respective lives, form new bonds and remain socially active. These social interactions are still critical to the mental health of older adults.

However, once you discover your senior is pulling away from these events, mental illness concerns may arise. If the elders start not to enjoy being with many people, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Misplace or lose things

You may have noticed that your elders tend to put keys in a dryer or somewhere and have difficulty retracing steps. Misplacement and the inability to track anything are also warning signs of mental health problems. It usually appears as normal behavior for many people, but experiencing the same things is more likely to indicate a more serious concern.


Nobody should think that mental health problems such as anxiety, memory loss, and depression are normal experiences in older adults. If you are concerned about your loved ones, it is best to take them to a mental health service once you’ve observed these top five signs of mental health problems appearing.

Look for the most trusted professionals in your area for help with the condition of your loved ones. For more information on managing mental illness, visit defyingmentalillness.com.

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Holly Clark has been in the care industry for over 5 years. She blogs regularly about the personal and practical challenges of care and always works actively on the creation of informative content. Holly is currently writing for Firstcare.

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