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Motivational Stories

5 Free Instruments To Enhance Your Web site. – Like Minds

5 Free Tools To Improve Your Website. – Like Minds

Photo credit pexels Every business wants to have the best website going, from the design to the SEO and the content. There’s plenty to think about when it comes to improving your website, but thankfully there are some excellent free tools to offer support. 1 . Google Analytics  Google Analytics works by applying a tracking…

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Mental Health

Scholar Minds Weblog : Managing Stress throughout Covid-19

Student Minds Blog : Managing Stress during Covid-19

Claire shares her tips to identify and reduce stress while studying at home – Claire Tucker Stress is a part of life. Time pressures, financial burdens, exams, family issues, and a host of other things all put pressure on. Whilst some stress may be necessary and beneficial, too much stress isn’t good if we don’t…

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Mental Health

Is Synthetic Intelligence the Way forward for Psychological Well being Therapy?

Trauma, AI technology, chatbot, therapy, CBT, Rogerian therapy, PTSD, social anxiety, AskAri, SimSensei, Woebot, Tess, ethics of mental health, social snacking, transmission

What if you could interact with a therapist, learn new skills to improve your well-being and gain access to information that would normally be learned in therapy for a fraction of the cost, or for free, without leaving your home? The prospect is certainly alluring, and with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, there is reason to…

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