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This is War!

This is a war, a battle and like any battle the desire is to win, to defeat the enemy. That enemy is Coronavirus and at the moment the human race is getting its ass kicked. Is it not time to fight back? Here contained is a letter, indeed an action plan, it will detail the…

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One Love

One Love   “One love, one heart”“Let’s get together and feel all right”“Hear the children crying (One love)”“Hear the children crying (One heart)”“Sayin’, Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right.”   Can you hear the children crying? Can you see the children crying?   We do not know what…

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Heal Our World

Heal Our World

What is the problem with problems?

The problem is we tend to focus on the problem and not finding and applying the relevant solutions. We always seem to procrastinate, worry about problems, discuss, debate, sometimes we touch on the problem and sometimes we just..well, brush it under the carpet. Often, we do not deal with a problem until it affects us directly and then only when it is right there in front of our face. The reality is of course that the best way to solve any problem is to avoid it in the first place and with life being so fast paced we are just not so good at doing this.

A problem is not the end of the world, it can be just a hurdle to cross, or it may even be a mountain to climb but all problems have a solution, we just have to find it and of course apply it. I am a great advocate of diving right in, finding that solution, solving that problem, because once that problem is solved, we can move on, it is no longer a problem.

There are many opponents of capitalism, but wouldn’t life be so much duller without it? It lies behind the free market, freedom of choice, democracy itself, it is the force behind self-empowerment, achievement, entrepreneurialism, it is what has pushed mankind to where we are now. We live in a consumer led economy and there are many campaigners who will shout that we do not need companies such as McDonalds, Coca Cola, Nike or KFC and you know something? They are absolutely right! We do not need them and in fact many businesses are detrimental to our health or environment but flourish because.. well, they flourish because we, the consumer wants them.

I have every respect for Eco Warriors, they have good intentions, they recognise how we live in a ‘throw away’ society, how we consume so much and what we do not use we dig a big hole, throw it in and forget about it. I really do hate this, I mean come on, there has to be a better way, no strike that, of course there is a better way, of course there is a solution but because to the vast majority of us it is not a serious problem, in fact it is not a problem at all, we fill our bins and some guys once or twice a week take it away and we just fill our bins again and do it over and over and over again.

It is fair to say we have all heard the reports and warnings from scientists telling us about how emissions are warming the planet but are scientists always right? All the time we hear conflicting reports and it is difficult to know what or who to believe. This one problem alone is so dangerous, it is one problem that cannot be left until it stares us in the face, it is the one problem that has awoken the fears inside the many.

Our lives are so fraught with individual problems sometimes it is hard to deal with problems that to our eyes do not really exist and unfortunately by sticking our heads in the sand we leave the problem for someone else to deal with, we leave the problems in fact to our children.

Eco warriors and there are many, demand that we basically ‘turn off all the lights’ in retrospect they demand that we cease all emissions now, are they righteous or unrealistic, or both? Scientists tell us but no one is 100% sure what will happen and in such a scenario we are left to make up our own minds. There have been many reports recently detailing rising temperatures, melting glaciers, abnormal weather conditions, bush fires and the reality is if such reports are attributed to climate change then even cutting all emissions may not even be enough.

If the threat is real who is to blame? Some of us? All of us? Governments? Big business? Eco warriors could easily blame the UK as this is where the industrial revolution began. There is no doubt that it is mankind’s industriousness and the burning of fossil fuels that has led to millions of tons of toxins being dispersed into our atmosphere, but this is progress, can we really be blamed? It is true that many of us including the Eco warriors would not even be alive today if it was not for our industriousness that led to people converging to our towns and cities to work and leading to a population boom. That said, it is not much of an excuse should we lead this planet into a catastrophic demise, the worst-case scenario is too harsh to really comprehend, mother nature? She is beautiful but like any mother, treat her badly and she can be mightily vindictive.

As a race we are damned clever, extremely resourceful and the first existing species on this planet with the intelligence to determine our own survival and this is due to the same industriousness that has indeed led to the problems we face. The technology we have developed thus far is truly amazing, but the reality is technology is still very much in its infancy and in the coming years we will see more and more amazing and revolutionary developments.

Technology such as AI and virtual reality will change all aspects of our lives and will help us to continue with a greener more sustainable existence. The world is slowly waking up to the fact climate change may indeed be a real threat and the search and development of greener forms of energy takes on renewed urgency.

There are many alternative sources of energy and of all, the one that gets the least coverage is the one which in the future will undoubtedly trump all others and that is solar power. Often people dismiss the potential of solar power but when you consider that the sun has enough energy to power everything on this Earth a million times over you begin to realise it is only a matter of time when we master the technology necessary for collection, transference, storage and deliverance of its energy. Everything from your mobile phone, your cooker, heating, television, your car, street lighting, even trains and yes planes, all will be powered using energy directly from the sun. Is it so hard to believe? As a child did you ever hold a magnifying glass to the sunlight and watch as it burned the grass? Yes, it is the sun that answers all our energy needs, the question is can we learn  to harness and use its power in time?

The truth is we are never going to comply with the scaremongering of the eco warriors even though their message may be spot on because the reality is a hard and fast shift backwards with regards to the progress we have made will ensue in worldwide economic catastrophe, food shortages, medicine shortages, unemployment, crime, such hardship may befall on those that have never encountered it. It would be like the ‘architect’ who created a new version of the Matrix; the subjects just could not accept the programming.

The even harsher truth is even if we turned off the power there is little guarantee that this would solve the problem and there must be others who share the opinion that it would not solve the problem only slow it slightly. No, the solution is the same technology that led us here, changes that have already occurred need to be reversed and I am sure somewhere there are scientists and experts working on this very scenario.

Consider the movies Deep Impact or Armageddon, in such scenarios the problem unlike now was very much staring directly in the face and in such a scenario money was of course no object because not solving the problem would result in death and destruction. The best way to solve a problem is to avoid it, head it off and this problem is not yet acute enough for governments to ‘empty their pockets’ but because of the ferocious power of Mother Nature, when the problem becomes acute, it will be too late, so really we need to be throwing money at it now.

What good is big business or millions in the bank in a apocalyptic world? None. This campaign is realistic, pragmatic, it releases mountains of cash without ‘hurting’ anyone, it is indeed a win win scenario, the best kind.

Can satellite technology really be developed to control the climate? I believe it can but I am not clever enough to tell you how. I am a parent so I really hope I am wrong and that merely reducing emissions will be enough to safeguard our way of life on this planet but there are great benefits in developing such technology. Imagine ensuring crops are fulfilled or bringing life to areas covered by desert? Is it not better to hope for the best and plan for the worst? Especially when there is so much at stake?

So I say no, big business are not to blame for our emerging predicament, no one is to blame, but business must accept partial responsibility and a contribution of 1% does not become a tax when it is voluntary, it is not a tax when through PR it actually attracts customers and increases sales, it becomes a win win scenario, a scenario where everyone is the winner.

We must learn from the past, prepare for the future, without hurting our present.

For ourselves and our children.