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L.Living life: I suppose we all do it while we have a heartbeat. But to really live, not just to endure, is something completely different. If it sounds as appealing to you as it does to me, I have 14 valuable tips for you …

Open yourself to love and be loved by others – including yourself. Its warmth offers incredible comfort …

Check out our friend above. The look on his face tells me he’s not particularly pleased. But I have the impression that he is thinking about changes. Who knows? Maybe this is what it looks like when someone is fed up with enduring life and wants to move on to life.

These are all speculations with a fictional character. What really matters is how you and me are doing – in the real world.

14 tips for life

What is the meaning of life

“A little meaning in life goes a long way. Yes, back to life. “

If we have persevered and not really lived, the first task will decide whether we are ready to change. When we are, it’s time to move.

But you may be wondering exactly how the transition is made. How are you?

It’s actually made to measure. However, I bring you 14 tips that are sure to help you. It is not necessary to respond to all of them. And how you implement the ones you choose is up to you. But do yourself a favor. Action!

Okay, let’s go …

  1. Find the meaning of your life – its purpose. Let it play a leading role in all of your decisions. Viktor Frankl explained that the search for meaning was the main motivation in his life, not a “secondary rationalization of the instincts”. And here is Friedrich Nietzsche’s view: “Anyone who has a why to live for can endure almost any how.”
  2. Establish a mutual and engaging spiritual relationship. How could any of us really live without sharing our lives with a supernatural force that has our best interests in its heart?
  3. Stop fighting, accept. From psychologist Steven C. Hayes: “Acceptance as used here is not nihilistic self-defeat; It does not tolerate or endure your pain … These heavy, sad, dark forms of “acceptance” are almost the exact opposite of the active, vital embrace of the moment that we mean. “
  4. Open yourself to love and be loved by others – including yourself. Its warmth offers incredible comfort. And if you see love as a priority in life, good things will automatically happen.
  5. Don’t lose the forest for the trees. It is easy to see why anyone struggling with suffering would want to do almost anything to find and maintain relief. But we can get so entrenched in the trees of searching, learning, applying and practicing that we lose sight of the big picture – the forest. And that means losing perspective on life.
  6. Pay attention to expectations – past and present. As soul-forming healthy expectations can be, misguided expectations can destroy us. It’s important to get a glimpse of how early life expectancy is hurting us now. Of course, it’s important to keep it in check right away.
  7. Have a supply of things that you enjoy. And don’t wait for desperate times.
  8. Take good care of your body, mind, and spirit. There is no need to strive for perfect yoga and meditation sessions, diet, exercise programs, sleeping habits, spiritual life, relationships, etc. But there is every reason to do whatever you can to practice loving and consistent common sense when it comes to self-care.
  9. Interact with others. The fact is, we are human, so we are social. Isolation may be the preferred existence for many, but it is not natural. This is not about daily elbow kicks in the café. But it’s about the value of human contact. Even if it’s just one person.
  10. Give yourself to others. The random acts of kindness may be overused, but the meaning remains strong. Make a habit of reaching someone stuck in a traffic jam. You’ll both be glad you did.
  11. Make it your business to learn what you can, whenever you can. Maybe it’s about you. Maybe it’s about others – or how grass grows. Keep your mind alive and well. Absorb.
  12. Find humorous things. And when you do, at least a smile. However, laughter is preferred. By the way, learn to laugh at yourself.
  13. Be thankful. Staying neutral, tolerating, and complaining can become bad habits. Even in challenging times, there are so many things to be thankful for. Feel and express it.
  14. Never let go of hope, multiple tries, and moving forward. You know as well as I do, sometimes they are all we have.

Choose really live

Life can be hard and the price of life can be high. Who doesn’t understand how easy it is to endure our earthly existence?

But seriously. Who wants to explain that they are alive because of a heartbeat?

Choose really live. I mean, there is way too much to be missed. I know the decision can be difficult to make and implement. But that’s why I gave you the Tiparoos.

Use them. Action!

If you’re looking for more meaning in life, my eBook, Feelings, and Rhymes Through Telltale Times can help you find it.

And I’d like to believe that any one of the hundreds of inspire4u articles would be helpful.

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